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Security. Safety. Security.

Transparency, Traceability, Trust.

Every product we purchase has an impact on our planet and knowing the journey and history of our food is key in being able to make more sustainable choices, and this information is sometimes hard to come by. Here at CroplyTrace, we’re all about sharing this information, from farm to fork.

Collaborative, Consistent, Communication.

CroplyTrace gives businesses the power of traceability across the entire food chain, from seed to store, and transforms this data into public records, offering a transparent outlook on our food’s origins and impact. Our application offers businesses a solution to easily collect information together with suppliers, producers, distributors, to share their story. Enabling the public to generate trust and understanding about the entire journey their food has taken.

Security, Safety, Success.

Having strong food business and farming backgrounds, we understand the importance of food safety and security. Utilising the best technologies and cloud-based solutions, we have developed a collaborative and connected system, that can unlock easy to implement security and safety procedures, to provide safer food distribution.

Our Ethos

Croply is all about supporting the development of sustainable solutions within the agriculture and food industry. Our focus is on the development of innovative software that can have an impact towards building stronger local farming communities around the world.

CroplyTrace has been developed as an opportunity to give small and community-oriented farmers and food producers access to powerful traceability options, but without the corporate price tag.

The only way we can truly step closer to a sustainable and transparent future is through opening up the ease of access to these solutions to everyone.