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Transparency. Traceability. Trust.

Simple Software.
Serious Solutions.

Telling your food's story from farm to fork.

A complete collaborative traceability application for tracking food produce along its entire lifespan, every step of the food chain. Simple technology solutions offering ease of asset management to manage food safety, provenance, transport and ownership.

Build brand trust and offer your customers open insights into the story behind your products.

Every Stage of the Journey


From seed source to sewing, farming methods to harvest, record and share the important information about how your produce is cultivated.


Cover bulk transport and warehouse information, distance, and transport types, as well as important temperature or safety monitoring data, to illustrate clear due diligence across the supply chain.


Build your recipes and ingredients lists, manage food processing records, nutritional information and create labels that can demonstrate production transparency.


Record asset manifests, shipments, and warehousing, and combine or split batches to accurately monitor the whereabouts of your entire product distribution network.


Make the most of your inventory and shelfing management through delivery records, on shelf dates and best before monitoring, to keep a clear and safe overview of your stock.

How CroplyTrace can benefit your business?

  • Build trust with your peers and the public by the creation of transparent records to show the entire life-history of your produce.
  • Create a collaborative network of traceability that offers instant access to important data and records for improved business management.
  • Observe trends and statistics that can demonstrate improvement areas to better develop waste management and human resources.
  • Utilise integrated automatic notification systems that connect every connected product for instant recalls and improved food safety systems.
  • Save time and money through a simple deployment of one individual cloud application for all areas of the traceability chain.